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Treat and Chews Bar

Here at Paws on Main, we have an excellent selection of good-for-your-dog chews and treats. All of these wonderful goodies for your dog have been carefully curated and represent the best ingredients and flavors in our industry.

Chews to Entertain

Our chew bar has plenty of goodness to keep your dog busy chewing on good stuff and not your furniture or clothes. All of our chews are digestable and many of them have healthy qualities such as teeth cleaning properties or naturally occuring joint health ingredients.

Chewing also releases endorphins so chewing makes for a happier dog when he needs to be in a crate or alone for a time.

On our chew bar, we have chews ranging from 59 cents for some quick treat-like jerky treats to $40 for the longest lasting Himilayan Cheese Chews and Antlers.

Our Chew bar includes Vegetable based Chews, Bully Sticks, Ears, Hooves, Jerky Treats, Fish Skins, Java Wood Chews, Beef Cheeks, Dental Bones, Trachea, Dehydrated Necks and Chicken Feet to name a few. You an see them, feel them, smell them or even taste them to pick out the perfect chew for your dog.

Stop in to pick out the best chews for your dog.


Treats to Fill a Bag

Our treat bar has a fun selection of treats in a variety of flavors, shapes and textures. You can fill a bag with the ONE treat that your dog loves or you can mix and match a bag wit some favorites and some new treats to try. We always stock some customer must haves and also have a rotating variety of treats to find the new BEST treat.

At the treat bar, we have three bags to fill for $6.00, $11.00 and $18.00 and a variety of jars to fill. Our bar has small buckets that we refill frequently to insure that the treats are freash and tasty.

As with our chew bar, you can see, feel, smell and taste at our treat bar. And honestly, we taste more often at the treat bar than the we would from the chew bar and some of these treats are pretty darn good!

So come by and taste (or bring your dog to taste) some of the yummy goodies on our treat bar!

A good quality, well chosen, edible chew is often a solution for destructive chewing, anxiety and boredom issues. 

Look for: Limited ingredients, Reliable sources, Digestibility, Life stage appropriate
Chews your Chews well!

Come visit our pet supply store in Columbiana, OH specializing in quality food, treats, and supplies for cats and dogs.